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Jules Gabriel Verne

Jules Gabriel Verne


Author: Jules Gabriel Verne

Dates: 8 February 1828 – 24 March 1905

Nationality: French

Title of Book: Five Weeks in a Balloon

“This attempt, should it succeed” (“It will succeed!”), “will complete and link together the notions, as yet disjointed, which the world entertains of African cartology” (vehement applause); “and, should it fail, it will, at least, remain on record as one of the most daring conceptions of human genius!” (Tremendous cheering.)

“Huzza! huzza!” shouted the immense audience, completely electrified by these inspiring words.

“Huzza for the intrepid Ferguson!” cried one of the most excitable of the enthusiastic crowd.

The wildest cheering resounded on all sides; the name of Ferguson was in every mouth, and we may safely believe that it lost nothing in passing through English throats. Indeed, the hall fairly shook with it.

Brief Biography: Verne was a profound influence in the science fiction genre. He is the second most translated author in the world. Verne trained as a lawyer but quit the legal profession to pursue a writing career. In later life Verne entered politics and served as a town councillor championing social improvements.