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Kingsley William Amis

Kingsley William Amis


Author: Kingsley William Amis

Dates: 16 April 1922 – 22 October 1995

Nationality: English

Title of Book: Wasted

That cold winter evening
The fire would not draw,
And the whole family hung
Over the dismal grate
Where rain-soaked logs
Bubbled, hissed and steamed.
Then, when the others had gone
Up to their chilly beds,
And I was ready to go,
The wood began to flame
In clear rose and violet,
Heating the small hearth.

Why should that memory cling
Now the children are all grown up,
And the house – a different house –
Is warm at any season?


Brief Biography: Amis was a novelist, poet and critic. He served in the Royal Corps of Signals during WW2. Amis is known for his comedic novels on mid-to-late 20th century English life.