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Dora Jessie Saint (Miss Read)

Dora Jessie Saint (Miss Read)


Author: Dora Jessie Saint (Miss Read)

Dates: 17 April 1913 – 7 April 2012

Nationality: English

Title of Book: Village School

The first day of term has a flavour that is all its own; a whiff of lazy days behind and a foretaste of the busy future. The essential thing, for a village schoolmistress on such a day, is to get up early.

I told myself this on a fine September morning, ten minutes after switching off the alarm clock. The sun streamed into the bedroom, sparking little rainbows from the mirror’s edge; and outside the rooks cawed noisily from the tops of the elm trees in the churchyard. From their high look-out the rooks had a view of the whole village of Fairacre clustered below them; the village which had been my home now for five years.

I had enjoyed those five years – the children, the little school, the pleasure of running my own school-house and taking a part in village life. True, at first, I had had to walk as warily as Agag; many a slip of the tongue caused me, even now, to go hot and cold at the mere memory, but at last, I believed, I was accepted, if not as a proper native, at least as ‘Miss Read up the School,’ and as ‘that new woman pushing herself forward.’

Brief Biography: Miss Read a novelist and schoolmistress. She is best known for novels set in the English countryside.