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Charlotte Brontë

Charlotte Brontë


Author: Charlotte Brontë

Dates: 21 April 1816 – 31 March 1855

Nationality: English

Title of Book: The Professor

“After two days’ travelling (railroads were not then in existence) I arrived, one wet October afternoon, in the town of X—-. I had always understood that Edward lived in this town, but on inquiry I found that it was only Mr. Crimsworth’s mill and warehouse which were situated in the smoky atmosphere of Bigben Close; his residence lay four miles out, in the country.

“It was late in the evening when I alighted at the gates of the habitation designated to me as my brother’s. As I advanced up the avenue, I could see through the shades of twilight, and the dark gloomy mists which deepened those shades, that the house was large, and the grounds surrounding it sufficiently spacious. I paused a moment on the lawn in front, and leaning my back against a tall tree which rose in the centre, I gazed with interest on the exterior of Crimsworth Hall.

“Edward is rich,” thought I to myself. ‘I believed him to be doing well–but I did not know he was master of a mansion like this.’ Cutting short all marvelling; speculation, conjecture, &c., I advanced to the front door and rang. A man-servant opened it–I announced myself–he relieved me of my wet cloak and carpet-bag, and ushered me into a room furnished as a library, where there was a bright fire and candles burning on the table; he informed me that his master was not yet returned from X—- market, but that he would certainly be at home in the course of half an hour.

Brief Biography: Brontë was an author and poet. She was the eldest of the Brontë sisters. Brontë wrote under the masculine pen name Currer Bell. She only revealed her true identity and gender when her publisher persuaded her to visit london and move in its exalted literary circles.