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Daniel 'Dan' Brown

Daniel ‘Dan’ Brown


Author: Daniel “Dan” Brown

Dates: 22 June 1964

Nationality: American

Title of Book: Inferno

Robert Langdon gazed at her across a river whose churning waters ran red with blood. On the far bank, the woman stood facing him, motionless, solemn, her face hidden by a shroud. In her hand she gripped a blue tainia cloth, which she now raised in honour of the sea of corpses at her feet. The smell of death hung everywhere.

Seek, the woman whispered. And ye shall find.

Langdon heard the words as if she had spoken them inside his head. ‘Who are you?’ he called out, but his voice made no sound.

Time grows short, she whispered. Seek and find.

Langdon took a step toward the river, but he could see the waters were blood red and too deep to traverse. When Langdon raised his eyes again to the veiled woman, the bodies at her feet and multiplied. There were hundreds of them now, maybe thousands, some still alive, writhing in agony, dying unthinkable deaths … consumed by fire, buried in faeces, devouring one another. He could hear the mournful cries of human suffering echoing across the water.

Brief Biography: Brown is an author best known for his thriller novels. He is one of the best-selling authors of all time with only six books.