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Elizabeth Mackintosh (Josephine Tey)

Elizabeth Mackintosh (Josephine Tey)


Author: Elizabeth Mackintosh (Josephine Tey)

Dates: 25 July 1896 – 13 February 1952

Nationality: Scottish

Title of Book: A Shilling for Candles

The pace of his black, square-toed boots quickened slightly, their shining surface winking in the sunlight. Proper service, these boots were. One might have thought that Potticary, having spent his best years in brushing his boots to order, would have asserted his individuality, or expressed his personality, or otherwise shaken the dust of a meaningless discipline off his feet by leaving the dust on his boots. But no, Potticary, poor fool, brushed his boots for the love of it. He probably had a slave mentality; but had never read enough for it to worry him. As for expressing one’s personality, if you described the symptoms to him, he would, of course, recognise them. But not by name. in the Service they call that “contrariness”.

A sea-gull flashed suddenly above the cliff-top, and dropped screaming from sight to join its wheeling comrades below. A dreadful row these gulls were making, Potticary moved over to the cliff edge to see what jetsam the tide, now beginning to ebb, had left for them to quarrel over.

Brief Biography: Mackintosh was a author who wrote under the pen name of Josephine Tey. She was best known for her mystery novels. Mackintosh also wrote historically themed novels under the pseudonym Gordon Daviet.