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Francis Edward Ledwidge

Francis Edward Ledwidge


Poet: Francis Edward Ledwidge

Dates: 19 August 1887 ā€“ 31 July 1917

Nationality: Irish

Title of Poem: The Shadow People

Old lame Bridget doesn’t hear
Fairy music in the grass
When the gloaming’s on the mere
And the shadow people pass:
Never hears their slow grey feet
Coming from the village street
Just beyond the parson’s wall,
Where the clover globes are sweet
And the mushroom’s parasol
Opens in the moonlit rain.
Every night I hear them call
From their long and merry train.
Old lame Bridget says to me,
“It is just your fancy, child.”
She cannot believe I see
Laughing faces in the wild,
Hands that twinkle in the sedge
Bowing at the water’s edge
Where the finny minnows quiver,
Shaping on a blue wave’s ledge
Bubble foam to sail the river.
And the sunny hands to me
Beckon ever, beckon ever.
Oh! I would be wild and free,
And with the shadow people be.

Brief Biography: Ledwidge was a poet. He was known as the poet of blackbirds. Ledwidge was killed in action at Passchendaele during WW1.