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Francis Edward Ledwidge

Francis Edward Ledwidge


Poet: Francis Edward Ledwidge

Dates: 19 August 1887 – 31 July 1917

Nationality: Irish

Title of Poem: A Fairy Hunt

Who would hear the fairy horn
Calling all the hounds of Finn
Must be in a lark’s nest born
When the moon is very thin.

I who have the gift can hear
Hounds and horn and tally ho,
And the tongue of Bran as clear
As Christmas bells across the snow.

And beside my secret place
Hurries by the fairy fox,
With the moonrise on his face,
Up and down the mossy rocks.

Then the music of a horn
And the flash of scarlet men,
Thick as poppies in the corn
All across the dusky glen.

Oh! the mad delight of chase!
Oh ! the shouting and the cheer !
Many an owl doth leave his place
In the dusty tree to hear.


Brief Biography: Ledwidge was a poet. He was known as the poet of blackbirds. Ledwidge was killed in action at Passchendaele during WW1.