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Elinor Morton Wylie

Elinor Morton Wylie


Poet: Elinor Morton Wylie

Dates: 7 September 1885 – 16 December 1928

Nationality: American

Title of Poem: Village Mystery

The woman in the pointed hood
And cloak blue-gray like a pigeon’s wing,
Whose orchard climbs to the balsam-wood,
Has done a cruel thing.

To her back door-step came a ghost,
A girl who had been ten years dead,
She stood by the granite hitching-post
And begged for a piece of bread.

Now why should I, who walk alone,
Who am ironical and proud,
Turn, when a woman casts a stone
At a beggar in a shroud?

I saw the dead girl cringe and whine,
And cower in the weeping air–
But, oh, she was no kin of mine,
And so I did not care!

 Brief Biography: Wylie was a poet. She was the poetry editor of Vanity Fair from 1923 -1925.