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Kingsley William Amis

Kingsley William Amis


Author: Kingsley William Amis

Dates: 16 April 1922 – 22 October 1995

Nationality: English

Title of Book: Lucky Jim

Those questions … Although he wasn’t allowed to smoke another cigarette until five o’clock, Dixon lit one now as he remembered the first series, propounded six months or more ago; about the beginning of last December it had been, seven or eight weeks after he took up his appointment. ‘Do you like coming to see me?’  was the first he could recall, and it had been easy as well as truthful to answer ‘Yes’.

Then there’d been ones like ‘Do you think we get on well together?’ and ‘Am I the only girl you know in this place?’ and once, when he’d asked her out for the third consecutive evening, ‘Are we going to go on seeing so much of each other?’ His first qualms had dated from then, but before that and for some time after he’d thought how much simpler this kind of honesty and straightforwardness made the awful business of getting on with women. And the same had seemed true of the confessions: ‘ I do enjoy being with you’,’ I don’t get on with men as a rule’, ‘Don’t laugh at me if I say I think the Board did a better job than they knew when they appointed you*. He hadn’t wanted to laugh then, nor did he want to now. What would she be wearing this evening? He could just about bring himself to praise anything but the green Paisley frock in combination with the low-heeled, quasi-velvet shoes.

Brief Biography: Amis was a novelist, poet and critic. He served in the Royal Corps of Signals during WW2. Amis is known for his comedic novels on mid-to-late 20th century English life.