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Margaret Rumer Godden

Margaret Rumer Godden


Author: Margaret Rumer Godden

Dates: 10 December 1907 – 8 November 1998

Nationality: English

Title of Book: The Doll’s House

Dutch dolls are scarce now, but Tottie was made a long time ago when they were plentiful and sold in every shop that had toys for sale; the large ones cost a penny, the middle size a halfpenny, and the small ones, like Tottie, were sold for a farthing each.

At present she lived in the nursery of two little girls called Emily and Charlotte Dane. I say “at present” because Tottie had lived a long while; once she had lived with two other girls who were Emily’s and charlotte’s Great-Grandmother and their Great-Great-Aunt Laura.

How strange the little farthing doll should last so long. Tottie was made of wood and it was good wood. She liked to think sometimes of the trees of whose wood she was made, of its strength and of the sap that ran through it and made it bud and put out leaves every spring and summer, that kept it standing through the winter storms and wind. “A little, a very little of that tree is me,” said Tottie. “I am a little of that tree.” She liked to think that.


Brief Biography: Godden was an author. She was grew up in what is now known as Bangladesh, a period of her life reflected in the book Two Under the Sun which she co-wrote with her sister