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William Makepeace Thackeray

William Makepeace Thackeray

Author: William Makepeace Thackeray

Dates: 18 July 1811 – 24 December 1863

Nationality: English

Title of Book: The Rose and the Ring

Little Betsinda came in to put Gruffanuff’s hair in papers; and the Countess was so pleased, that, for a wonder, she complimented Betsinda. “Betsinda!” she said, “you dressed my hair very nicely today; I promised you a little present. Here are five sh–no, here is a pretty little ring, that I picked–that I have had some time.” And she gave Betsinda the ring she had picked up in the court. It fitted Betsinda exactly.

“It’s like the ring the Princess used to wear,” says the maid.

“No such thing,” says Gruffanuff, “I have had it this ever so long. There, tuck me up quite comfortable; and now, as it’s a very cold night (the snow was beating in at the window), you may go and warm dear Prince Giglio’s bed, like a good girl, and then you may unrip my green silk, and then you can just do me up a little cap for the morning, and then you can mend that hole in my silk stocking, and then you can go to bed, Betsinda. Mind I shall want my cup of tea at five o’clock in the morning.”

“I suppose I had best warm both the young gentlemen’s beds, Ma’am,” says Betsinda.

Gruffanuff, for reply, said, “Hau-au-ho!–Grau-haw-hoo!–Hong-hrho!” In fact, she was snoring sound asleep.

Her room, you know, is next to the King and Queen, and the Princess is next to them. So pretty Betsinda went away for the coals to the kitchen, and filled the royal warming-pan.

Brief Biography: Thackery was a novelist. He was famous for his satirical works, in particular Vanity Fair.