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Robert Williams Parry

Robert Williams Parry

Poet: Robert Williams Parry

Dates: 6 March 1884 – 4 January 1956

Nationality: Anglo- Welsh

Title of Poem: Hedd Wyn Part Two

There yet may rise another moon — and many a happy
Time yet come. But brothers, O! at least not soon,
Lest we forget the worst was done
When we gave up our darling to his doom.

A sin it was to drive this soul — so gentle, so
Reclusive, from his solitary toil;
Still worse, to drop him down a hole
To waste in dust; but worst, on distant soil.

Leaving labour, leaving land — leaving meadow
On the hill; leaving field and wooded stand,
Leaving daylight, leaving rill, and
Leaving all the green world lost behind.

His honored chair abides alone — the empty arms
Forever reach: in silent speech they long
To hold the bard, and beckon home,
His song unsung, the peace that will not come.



Brief Biography: Parry is one of the most notable Welsh poets of the 20th century. He was recognised as an established poet when his poem ‘Yr Haf’ won the chair at the 1910 National Eisteddfod.