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Frances Burney

Frances Burney

Author: Frances Burney

Dates: 13 June 1752 – 6 January 1840

Nationality: English

Title of Book: Evelina

The last three evenings have passed tolerably quiet, for Vauxhall adventures had given Madame Duval a surfeit of public places: home, however, soon growing tiresome, she determined to-night, she said, to relieve her ennui by some amusement; and it was therefore settled, that we should call upon the Branghtons at their house, and thence proceed to Marybone Gardens.

But, before we reached Snow Hill, we were caught in a shower of rain: we hurried into the shop, where the first object I saw was Mr. Macartney, with a book in his hand, seated in the same corner where I saw him last; but his looks were still more wretched than before, his face yet thinner, and his eyes sunk almost hollow in his head. He lifted them up as we entered, and I even thought that they emitted a gleam of joy: involuntarily I made to him my first courtesy; he rose and bowed with a precipitation that manifested surprise and confusion.

In a few minutes were joined by all the family, except Mr. Smith, who fortunately was engaged.

Brief Biography: Frances Burney’s, also known as Madame d’Arblay, novels explore and satirise the English aristocracy with an eye to the deeper questions of women, society and politics. Her novels are highly regarded today for their perspective on women.