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Barbara Mary Crampton Pym

Barbara Mary Crampton Pym

Author: Barbara Mary Crampton Pym

Dates: 2 June 1913 – 11 January 1980

Nationality: English

Title of Book: A Glass of Blessings

When this moment came, Father Thames, a tall scraggy old man with thick white hair and a beaky nose, was standing by the door, talking in his rather loud social voice to various individuals – calling out to a young man to keep in touch – while others slipped past him on the way back to their offices, perhaps calculating whether they would have time for a quick lunch or a cup of coffee before returning to work.

Although I had quite often been to his church, which was near where I lived, father Thames and I had not yet spoken to each other. Today, as I approached him, I had a feeling that he would say something; but rather to my surprise, for I had not prepared any opening sentence, I was the one to speak first. And what I said was really unsuitable.

‘How strange to hear a telephone ringing in church! I don’t think I ever have before,’ I began and then stopped, wondering how he would take it.

He threw back his head, almost as if he was about to laugh. ‘have you not?’ he said. ‘Oh, it is always ringing here, although we have another one in the clergy house, of course. Usually it’s business, but occasionally a kind friend may be inviting me to luncheon or something of the sort. People are so kind!’

Brief Biography: Pym was a novelist. She wrote a series of social comedies in the 1950’s. Pym served in the Women’s Royal Naval Service during WW2.