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Henry Mackenzie

Henry Mackenzie

Author: Henry Mackenzie

Dates: August 1745 – 14 January 1831

Nationality: Scottish

Title of Book: The Man of Feeling

He is now forgotten and gone!  The last time I was at Silton Hall, I saw his chair stand in its corner by the fire-side; there was an additional cushion on it, and it was occupied by my young lady’s favourite lap dog.  I drew near unperceived, and pinched its ears in the bitterness of my soul; the creature howled, and ran to its mistress.  She did not suspect the author of its misfortune, but she bewailed it in the most pathetic terms; and kissing its lips, laid it gently on her lap, and covered it with a cambric handkerchief.  I sat in my old friend’s seat; I heard the roar of mirth and gaiety around me:  poor Ben Silton!  I gave thee a tear then:  accept of one cordial drop that falls to thy memory now.

Brief Biography: Mackenzie was a lawyer as well as a writer, more often known by his sobriquet Addison of the North. He published his first and most famous novel The Man of Feeling anonymously and it was an instant success. Mackenzie was a Tory and wrote many fracts against the French Revolution. He married Penuel Grant with whom he had eleven children.