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Elizabeth Mackintosh (Josephine Tey)

Elizabeth Mackintosh (Josephine Tey)

Author: Elizabeth Mackintosh (Josephine Tey)

Dates: 25 July 1896 – 13 February 1952

Nationality: Scottish

Title of Book: The Daughter of Time

“There are far too many people born into the world, and far too many words written. Millions and millions of them pouring from the presses  every minute. It’s a horrible thought.”

“You sound constipated,” said The Midget.

The Midget was Nurse Ingham, and she was in sober fact a very nice five-feet two, with everything in just proportion. Grant called her The Midget to compensate himself for being bossed around the place by a piece of Dresden china which he could pick up in one hand. When he was on his feet, that is to say. It was not only that she told him what he might or might not do, but she dealt with his six-foot-odd with an off-hand ease that Grant found humiliating. Weights meant nothing, apparently, to The Midget. She tossed mattresses around with the absent-minded grace of a plate spinner. When she was off-duty he was attended by The Amazon, a goddess with arms like the limb of a beech tree. The Amazon was Nurse Darrol, who came from Gloucestershire and was homesick each daffodil season. (The Midget came from Lytham St Anne’s, and there was no daffodil nonsense about her.) she had large soft hands and large soft cow’s eyes and always looked sorry for you, but the slightest physical exertion set her breathing like a suction-pump. On the whole Grant found it even more humiliating to be treated as a dead weight than to be treated as if he was no weight at all.


Brief Biography: Mackintosh was a author who wrote under the pen name of Josephine Tey. She was best known for her mystery novels. Mackintosh also wrote historically themed novels under the pseudonym Gordon Davies.