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Robert Williams Parry

Robert Williams Parry

Poet: Robert Williams Parry

Dates: 6 March 1884 – 4 January 1956

Nationality: Anglo- Welsh

Title of Poem: Hedd Wyn Part One

Beneath the earth, beyond the sea — poet, heavy
Do you lie: clasped the hands that can not free,
Gone cold the blazing eye to see
Beyond the door that binds and guards your keep.

All the living now is over — all the roaming
Now is done. You, when came the fatal hour,
Long known a rover, now no longer
Could you run, nor lie upon the earth, but under.

Tender is the moon tonight — rising over
Trawsfynydd’s bog, but you lament the light
That lauds the lonely moor and height;
Black gravel seals and steals away your sight.

How could you have ever known — when you upon
Your native bracken trod, or stood alone
On treeless height or tireless hill did roam,
That you would fall asleep so far from home?


Brief Biography: Parry is one of the most notable Welsh poets of the 20th century. He was recognised as an established poet when his poem ‘Yr Haf’ won the chair at the 1910 National Eisteddfod.