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Anthony Berkeley Cox

Anthony Berkeley Cox

Author: Anthony Berkeley Cox

Dates: 5 July 1893 – 9 March 1971

Nationality: English

Title of Book: Not To Be Taken

I must explain the Waterhouses.

They had settled in Anneypenny seven years ago, on their return from Brazil, and had taken the big house at the end of the little lane in which we lived – the first lane you came to on the left after Anneypenny village, on the west. Oswald’s Gable was the name of the house, and it was reputed to be built upon an extremely ancient site, though the existing building dated only from the period of the first George. The Waterhouses were thus our neighbours, for there was no other houses in our lane.

Anneypenny lies in Dorset, not far from the Somerset border, and its choice had been that of Mrs. Waterhouse. Angela Waterhouse was something of an invalid, though I don’t think anyone knew exactly what was the matter with her except perhaps her daughter. Speaking as a fruit farmer, I am afraid I should diagnose her case as hereditary; for you cannot expect a vigorous bud f you graft it on worn-out stock, and Angela’s stock though prolific had already shown signs of being worn out over which it would be kinder to pass in silence. The appearance in the dock of men with ancient and once honourable names may gratify a base element in a certain type but makes any decent person feel uncomfortable.


Brief Biography: Cox was a crime writer. He wrote under a number of psudonyms including Frances Iles, Anthony Berkeley and A Monmouth Platts.