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Anne Bradstreet

Anne Bradstreet

Poet: Anne Bradstreet

Dates: 20 March 1612 – 16 September 1672

Nationality: English

Title of Poem: As spring the winter doth succeed

May 13, 1657.

As spring the winter doth succeed,
And leaves the naked Trees doe dresse,
The earth all black is cloth’d in green;
At sun-shine each their joy expresse.
My Suns returned with healing wings.
My Soul and Body doth rejoice;
My heart exults, and praises sings
To him that heard my wailing Voice.
My winters past, my stormes are gone,
And former clowdes seem now all fled;
But, if they must eclipse again,
I’le run where I was succoured.
I have a shelter from the storm,
A shadow from the fainting heat;
I have accesse unto his Throne,
Who is a God so wondrous great.
O hast thou made my Pilgrimage
Thus pleasant, fair, and good;
Bless’d me in Youth and elder Age,
My Baca made a springing flood?
I studious am what I shall doe,
To show my Duty with delight;
All I can give is but thine own,
And at the most a simple mite.


Brief Biography: Bradstreet was the first poet and first female to be published in the British North American colonies. She was well educated considering the times, Bradstreet married Simon Bradstreet, who eventually became a governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, at the age of 16 and emigrated to America as part of the Puritan migration in 1630.