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Stephen Harold Spender

Stephen Harold Spender


Poet: Stephen Harold Spender

Dates: 28 February 1909 – 16 July 1995

Nationality: English

Title of Poem: O Night O Trembling Night

O night O trembling night O night of sighs
O night when my body was a rod O night
When my mouth was a vague animal cry
Pasturing on her flesh O night
When the close darkness was a nest
Made of her hair and filled with my eyes

(O stars impenetrable above
The fragile tent poled with our thighs
Among the petals falling fields of time
O night revolving all our dark away)

O day O gradual day O sheeted light
Covering her body as with dews
Until I brushed her sealing sleep away
To read once more in the uncurtained day
Her naked love, my great good news.


Brief Biography: Spender was a poet and novelist, and his themes concentrated on social injustice and the class struggle. After WW2 he was a member of the Allied Control Commission helping to restore order in Germany. He was one of the founders of the Index on Censorship magazine and the Poetry Book Society.